Providers can guide patients through every step of their journey.

Provide relevant education at the right time to better prepare patients and save staff time.

Patients rely on the information their healthcare team provides to stay prepared—but they can’t always absorb that education at the point-of-care. When patients feel calm, prepared, and supported, not only do they lighten the load on your staff—they’re also more likely to achieve positive health outcomes.

MyCareCompass enables you to create a clear, continuous line of patient communication with virtually no administrative burden to the patient or your staff. We’ve already developed easy-to-digest, educational content timed to major milestones across an array of healthcare journeys—all you need to do is turn MyCareCompass on.

MyCareCompass in Action:
An Oncology Case Study

Let’s explore one patient’s journey with cancer to understand how MyCareCompass helps makes a difference for patients, productivity, and health outcomes.

“You have cancer.”

The devastating diagnosis hits her like a ton of bricks. She’s floored. She can’t think, yet her mind races in a million directions trying to process what the doctor just said. But the doctor keeps talking. The words wash over her as her heart pounds—she isn’t catching much of it, but that’s the least of her problems right now.

Educate, support, and empower your patients with engaging content that creates a smoother experience between and during key treatment milestones.

Suddenly, the appointment ends and she’s shuffled out to the lobby. She’s given the names of a few specialists, a date for her MRI, and a heavy binder full of photocopied pages about cancer. She frantically tries to write everything down, but the pen is shaking too much. She floats to her car in a daze, feeling numb. What just happened?

After a few days of tears and telling loved ones, her next appointment nears and she realizes she’s completely lost. Her notes are too messy, the binder too overwhelming. Instead, she calls the office multiple times, spending hours trying to reach the right person for every new question. Frustrated, she turns to Google, reading anything and everything, and arrives at the appointment terrified and unprepared.

Educate, support, and empower your patients with engaging content that creates a smoother experience between and during key treatment milestones.

The Real Costs

Your nursing staff handles all her questions, patiently reassuring her with genuine compassion—despite the fact that they’ve answered the same questions several times before.

We all know that prepared patients typically translate into lower costs, improved satisfaction scores, and better outcomes—you can’t go over the finer details of a treatment plan when the patient is still anguishing over the basics. Reassuring and reorienting confused patients takes a significant toll on your healthcare system’s time and resources.

That’s Where MyCareCompass Comes In

Your patient gets all the critical information she needs in engaging, easy-to-understand formats delivered at exactly the right time in her journey. She’ll receive well-timed emails, text messages, and videos before and after each cancer milestone—like chemotherapy initiation, port insertion, radiation, and surgery. This frees up your staff to focus on giving patients the best on-site care possible.

She walks into every appointment feeling prepared, confident, and supported. The timely resources provided by MyCareCompass improve her experience and can help contribute to greater health outcomes.

Preparation Along Each Step of the Chemo Journey is Key to Successful Outcomes

How Patients Benefit

Educate, support, and empower your patients with engaging content that creates a smoother experience between and during key treatment milestones. With this helpful content, patients know what to expect, how to prepare, and what they can do to promote more positive health outcomes.

A high-touch, more informed journey may also translate into improved adherence, greater quality of care, and increased patient satisfaction.

How Healthcare Systems Benefit

Save your staff time, reduce unnecessary costs, and receive higher HCAAP scores. MyCareCompass is as easy for health systems as it is for patients; the platform simply plugs in to your EMR system using HL-7 standard data to send rich, educational content to your patients right on time.

Seamless EHR Synchronization

Learn how MyCareCompass can empower your patients, elevate your care, and improve your healthcare system.

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